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How do you know if LASIK is right for you?

LASIK Jackson MIIf you have been wearing glasses or contact lenses for many years, you may have considered LASIK. Laser eye surgery has improved over the years, and is associated with excellent results and uncomplicated recovery. But it’s not for everyone.

The main advantage of laser eye surgery is that you no longer need to wear corrective lenses, and results are quick: vision is often improved by the very next day. In Jackson Michigan LASIK is fairly common. We have excellent local surgeons with years of experience and great success rates. Did you know that in most cases the LASIK procedure is quick and painless? There are a lot of things the average person doesn't know about eye surgery; it's best to get your information from a knowledgeable eye doctor like Dr. Buseth. Ask about LASIK.

At Eye Services of Jackson optometrists can evaluate potential LASIK patients and determine who would be a good candidate for eye surgery. Laser eye surgery has better outcomes if the patient is healthy. Potential contraindications for LASIK include unmanaged dry eye, and unstable eyesight. For example, since vision changes occur more frequently in children LASIK is not recommended until adulthood. Along a similar vein, presbyopia is a progressive eye condition that affects middle-age and older patients. Some time after LASIK, a patient may find he or she requires reading glasses again.

To find out whether LASIK is a good option for you, book a LASIK consult in Jackson, MI with your eye doctor. We can guide you through the process, including explaining the pros and cons, as well as taking care of your eye health during the post-operative recovery period.

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