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Jackson’s most Complimented Eyewear | 800 S Brown St., Jackson MI 49203

Jackson’s Most Complimented Eyewear | 800 S Brown St., Jackson MI 49203

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In-Home Eyecare

mobile eye doctor in Jackson, MI

Offering In-Home Eye Care

Mobile Vision is dedicated to serving the homebound patient with high quality, compassionate care. Whether the patient is getting older, chronically ill, disabled or recovering from surgery, Mobile Vision is ready to meet their eye care needs.

Geriatric eye care in Jackson, MIFor many individuals, the ability to leave home is virtually impossible. Through the use of modern, portable instrumentation, Mobile Vision is able to provide full comprehensive eye exams in the comfort and convenience of a residential home, assisted living center, or nursing home.
Mobile Vision provides the same thorough eye exams offered in an office environment, including the following services:
Glaucoma screening and management
Dilated diabetic eye examinations
Testing for macular degeneration and cataracts
Dry-eye testing and treatment
Prescribe and dispense glasses
Provide low vision devices

Coverage for Eye Care Costs

Health insurance plans vary in their coverage of eye examinations and treatment options. All billing is handled by Mobile Vision. Medicare and Medicaid are billed directly and we accept full assignment. Any patient requiring services provided in a private, non-covered basis will have their guarantors contacted for authorization prior to being obligated for service fees.

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